Silver Sterling Necklace Varieties Abound

Silver is the most versatile of all the precious metals. One of it’s most accomplished creations is the sterling silver necklace. It can be worn with a wider variety of colors than gold; it is appropriate for the most formal of occasions, but can also be dressed down for more casual affairs; it is stronger than gold, and therefore can be shaped into a wider variety of styles; and, in spite of all these advantages, it is far more affordable than gold. No wonder, then, that silver is the precious metal of choice for jewellers for creating necklaces, chains, bracelets, rings and more. There is a wider variety of designs within the world of silver necklaces than any other metal. Let us examine some of the most popular and most unique designs.
The many different varieties of silver sterling necklaces are mostly defined by the thickness of the chain or the variety of the pendant. For example, pretty young ladies all over the world are fond of the ubiquitous sterling silver heart necklace, usually gifted to them by their beaus. Actually, due to its affordability, silver jewellery has long been a popular option for the impecunious young man determined to win the heart of the object of his affections by gifting her jewellery.
Equally in style is the sterling silver bead necklace, which emulates the simple elegance of a pearl necklace, except with silver. Some are made with such high quality craftsmanship that they actually have a more stunningly visual impact than the pearl necklaces they were originally intended to emulate. These bead necklaces come in varying styles and designs, usually determined by the differing diameter of the beads. As with any sterling silver necklace, personal tastes can be accommodated – the entire piece can be customized to suit the taste of the person ordering it from the jeweler.
Another thing most people don’t realize is that it is surprisingly affordable to create a silver pendant of your name. Although the cost of items such as these can be fantastically high when it comes to such materials as gold, items like the sterling silver name necklace are a lot easier to create, not just due to the reduced price of silver but also the increased hardness of sterling silver, which makes it easier for crafters to work with.
And of course, if you don’t like the showiness or ostentation of wearing your own name around your neck, there are other ways to create your own personalized sterling silver necklace. There are an infinite number of options, really. For example, if you are a nationalistic person, you might consider a pendant in the shape of a map of your country; or perhaps a dog-lover could get the distinctive silver silhouette of a German Shepherd. Additionally, the ease and low cost of engraving also allows for the customization of basically anything, from simple dog tags to more elaborate inscriptions from such holy books as the Bible or the Torah.
As a matter of fact, religion and jewellery have long gone hand-in-hand. An interesting thing to note is that the idea of the silver sterling necklace was first spread due to the increase in the number of people wearing crosses around their necks; and clearly, the sterling silver cross necklace is still very popular today. It remains an elegant and yet tastefully minimalist way of displaying one’s devotion to their faith.
Once again, it is important to realize that the biggest advantage offered by silver is its practically infinite customizability. Add to this low price (because there are so many jewellers that are competing with each other to be allowed to create the silverwork that is increasingly in demand these days) and it becomes clear that silver offers a far more interesting experience than any of the other precious metals.