The Beauty of Rhinestone Jewelry

Rhinestone jewelry is worn by many women these days in place of diamond jewelry mainly because it is just as beautiful but is much less expensive. Rhinestones have no color and if they do its artificial color that imitates the look of diamonds and many other types of gems. The finest rhinestones are cut from quartz crystal, but they can also be made from paste or glass.

Rhinestones have a welded metal backing that reflects light and makes them look stunning. The river Rhine is where the original rhinestones came from. These stones led to glass rhinestones being produced in large quantities. Almost all of these glass rhinestones have silver, gold, tin, or tinted foil backings to imitate other radiant gems. The more delicate rhinestones are had set in prongs and are also hand polished. Rhinestones that are unsoiled usually have high lead contents which makes them sparkle a lot.

These unsoiled rhinestones are often called crystals. There is absolutely no difference between a rhinestone and a crystal. They are the exact same thing. Many brides choose rhinestones instead of the typical diamonds due to the money factor, as stated before rhinestones are much cheaper stones. You need to be very careful though when buying rhinestones that you do not get over charged because retailers have been known to sell rhinestones as diamonds.

Only a gemologist would know for sure what you are getting, so it is a good idea to have the stone checked before you purchase it.

The more sparkle the rhinestone has the higher the grade of the stone. That is a general rule to follow. Austria and Czechoslovakia produce the most rhinestones. Rhinestones come in many different colors; however the color that is most popular would be the clear stone. Clear rhinestone wedding jewelry simply matches any style of dress whether it is formal or informal.