The Bright Luster of a Marcasite Ring

There is a type of ring that has a certain stone which, at first glance, would give the impression of a fancy diamond ring. It is one of the reasons that this stone is widely used in the jewelry business. That mineral is called marcasite and they have been used in making exquisite but inexpensive jewelries. Amarcasite ring belongs to this class of ornaments.

One of the minerals that abound in nature, marcasite has a hardness ranging from 6 to 6.5. It possesses a metallic luster and usually gives off the likeness of artificial diamond. It is this ability to reflect light that attracts attention to it. The distinct luster gives off a glow that only a few stones radiate.

Even with its popularity, marcasite rings, together with marcasite earrings remain to be very affordable. Chiefly because of this reason, the demand for beautiful ornaments made of such materials is therefore expected to rise even more.

Because of marcasite’s metallic sheen, jewelers find it a perfect combination with sterling silver. Their bright luster complements each other. Added to that, silver being a much more affordable metal, combined with the reasonably priced marcasite, is indeed a winning combination.

There are many designs that have been made for these minerals that have thrilled and excited the womenfolk of all classes. Some designs are nature oriented but lately, trendy designs of marcasite rings are also coming out.

Also known as white iron pyrite, marcasite is delicate and it weighs less than the normal pyrite stone. The reason for its brittleness is due to the configuration of its crystals.

It is also for this reason that the jeweler takes great care in setting this stone in the sterling silver. He uses special cement to set the stone in its place. That’s why a marcasite ring needs special handling and care. It should be gently wiped and dried and only with a soft cloth. Strong cleansing agents should never be used. They should not be exposed to strong chemicals for that matter. While doing your normal chores at home, it is advised that you take them out first because it may be adversely affected by the cleansing agents that you are using.