The Cancer Bracelet: Raising Awareness Of The Disease

There are many diseases and illnesses which affect millions each year. None of them are as wide spread as cancer. Everyone has met someone who has cancer or has suffered from cancer. People are diagnosed each day with this disease. Many lose the battle. Others are healed and living to tell about it. They are finding new ways to make the public more aware of cancer and its effects on the lives of those who suffer from its wrath.The cancer bracelet is everywhere.

The “Live Strong” Campaign

Lance Armstrong made the silicone awareness bracelets popular when he started his “Live Strong” drive. He sold millions of the yellow rubber wrist bands for $1.00 a piece to raise cancer awareness. He never thought the demand would be so great. When offered 5 million of the bracelets his thoughts were they would sell a couple hundred thousand and use the rest as rubber band. Seventy million bracelets later, they are still selling strong. Other organizations are following suit by offering the bands with other phrases in other colors.

Color Designations

The American Cancer Society has designated different colors for different forms of cancer. Here is the list as they put it out.

  • Brain Cancer – Gray
  • Breast Cancer – Pink
  • Childhood Cancer – Amber
  • Colon Cancer – Royal Blue
  • Colo-rectal Cancer – Brown
  • Leukemia – Orange
  • Lung Cancer – Clear
  • Melanoma – Black
  • Ovarian, Cervical, Uterine Cancer – Teal
  • Pancreatic Cancer – Purple
  • Prostate Cancer – Light Blue
  • Other Cancers – Lavender

Educating The Public

There are many groups who offer different cancer bracelets to people who want to show their support. You can order bracelets with crystals in the different colors mentioned so others are aware of the disease. This is one way to fight the affects of this disease. By showing support and educating the public as to what the symptoms are, many forms of cancer now have a better chance of being beaten.

More research is still needed in many areas. However, the money generated in the sales of the cancer bracelets can help fund some of the cost. The more money researchers have, the closer they can get to a cure.

Showing Your Support

Cancer victims and their families are trying to get the message out that the earlier cancer is detected the better the survival rate is. By selling the cancer bracelets, people are becoming more informed of cancer and the research being done. The public can show their support by purchasing one and wearing it every day.

Styles To Choose From

There are many styles to choose from when it comes to the jewelry pieces. You choose from the silicone wrist bands, gold or silver with the cancer ribbon dangling as a charm, or even crystal bracelets representing a certain type of cancer. There are bracelets for children and adults. They are attractive and stylish. Many of them can be worn with everyday attire. Some of the more elegant ones are made for evening wear.

Many organizations and groups are offering the cancer bracelet as a fund raising item. This is generating a great response in the fight against cancer. The money is going to cancer research to find a cure. It is with pride that many people have purchased their bracelets.