The Custom Silicone Bracelet: A Fashionable Way To Promote A Cause

A new fashion accessory is on the market to help people pay tribute to their cause. It is thecustom silicone bracelet. These rubber wrist bands have become popular with every age group. They are comfortable to wear, can be personalized, and allow anyone to show support.

You can order the rubber wrist bands in a single color or multiple colors. Each color has become synonymous with a certain cause or issue, such as the pink bands representing breast cancer awareness. You can choose the color to represent your school, club or organization. There are even multi-color bands to add more variety.

Easy To Personalize

The great thing about these fashion accessories is each one can be personalized. You can order just one, the cost being around $4.50, to thousands, bringing the cost to about $0.20 each. Many organizations are using these bracelets to honor soldiers who are overseas. It is a cost-effective way to show pride and support.

Certain manufacturers will only put 25 letters on each bracelet. There are others who will personalize the message with more, however the processing takes longer and the print is much smaller. Many times it is recommended to have the wrist bands silk screened if there is a large message. Either way, this seems to be something any company can use to bring public awareness to certain issues and causes.

Many Other Applications

Churches are ordering these bracelets to use as rewards for Sunday School attendance or other efforts like memorizing scripture. Schools are using these wrist bands for fund raisers. Other organizations are having messages debossed to make the public more aware of certain issues like drug abuse and health issues.

The sizes for these wrist bands are either adult, which runs about eight inches, or the youth size, which is around seven inches. This makes it comfortable for anyone to wear. They can easily be slipped on or off at any time. Being made of synthetic silicone, the bracelets are waterproof. This makes it easy for those who vow to wear them for certain periods to keep them looking clean.

When you order the custom silicone bracelets the order usually includes the die cast for each bracelet. Many times shipping is also included in the price. There are manufacturers on the Internet which allow their customers to order as little as one bracelet.

A Sought-After Marketing Tool

There are so many uses for these rubber wrist bands. People have ordered them for family reunions. Others have used them as advertising tools. Many firefighters and police officers ordered them in glow in the dark colors, debossed with the phrase “Safety First” during the Halloween season to hand out to the trick or treaters in the areas. They have become a favorite fund raising item because they easily sell for $1.00 to many people who want to show support.

With so many colors, phrases, and uses theĀ custom silicone braceletĀ is fast becoming one the most sought after marketing tool. Now that personalizing them is so easy, people are ordering in greater numbers. This is truly the most versatile product to hit the market in a very long time.