The Diamond Basics for Open Heart Jewelry

The subject of this article is the most precious of all gemstones…the diamond. We start off by exploring some of the various myths that have been associated with the diamond over the years, and then start to evaluate some of the finer properties.

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The diamond, also known as the “King of Gems”, has been coveted and desired by man since the early ages. Uncut diamonds were worn by knights on their armor. Cut versions of the same gemstone were situated on the crowns of kings and queens. Internationally recognized as the symbol of love, they have become the center of attention because of their unique investment potential.
There was a time when the diamond was thought to be endowed with magical powers. It was thought that by merely possessing a diamond, the holder would be endowed with bravery, courage, and superior strength. Hence the reason that knights wore them on their suits of armor. As a side benefit, it was thought that the diamond could ward off the devil and other evil creatures of the night.
The diamond has been attributed to many different things over the years. For example: (1) Sexual Prowess, (3) Sleepwalking, (2) Spiritual Ecstasy, and (4) Invincibility. In order for the holder of the diamond to benefit from these attributes, they would have had to have found the diamond in the wild, its natural location. If the diamond was purchased from another person, then this “contract” would be void. One exception was if the diamond was offered in an exchange of love or friendship (for example, an engagement ring). In this particular case, the magical powers that were associated to the diamond may return.
The Hindus classified diamonds into four separate castes. They were: (1) The Brahmin diamond, a colorless diamond that provided riches, power, friends, and good luck. (2) The Kshatiya, a brown/champagne colored diamond that prevented old age. (3) The Vasiya, a diamond the color of the “kodali flower” which brought success. (4) The Sudra, a diamond that was gray or black and glistened like a polished piece of metal, which brought about good fortune. In addition we have the red and yellow diamonds, which were gems exclusively for kings.

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What is the hardest known substance? Any idea? It’s the diamond of course. Even though it’s hard, it can be chipped (if it is struck at just the right angle). This ability to be “chipped” is what allows a gemologist to shape the diamond into the thing of beauty that we buy in our jewelry stores.
Did you know that diamonds come in every color of the rainbow? This is true, but the white diamond is definitely the most popular version of the gem. Irregardless, diamonds of any color make a perfect addition to any fine piece of jewelry.