The Different Options Available For a White Gold Ring

Nowadays, when you think of ring settings, there are a lot of options available. In the past, you would normally just see gold settings; jewelries are normally set in this yellow metal. There are a number of people who would choose white gold but the more popular choice has always been the usual yellow gold.

White gold works with just about any gem. It creates a good contrast to the boldest of colors like that of emeralds and rubies. It also works with the ever popular diamond. When it comes to white gold rings, the choice would not only be limited to the plain band, but a white gold ring would refer to just about any type of ring done with a white gold setting.

When choosing the right ring for you, what you need to consider is the carat in the white gold itself. White gold would normally have different carats, bearing in mind that the higher the carat the softer the metal. White gold is mixed with other metals to make it harder. In the old days, nickel was used to mix with the white gold, but this has been stopped as there are some people who have allergic reactions to nickel.

For rings, the best composition to mix with white gold is Rhodium. White gold is normally grayish in color and the addition of Rhodium gives white gold a whiter look. The combination also results in the silver-like look to last.

If you are looking to purchase a white gold ring, there are a number of websites that you can visit. The choices range from the simplest band, to the carved Celtic symbols, to the most extravagant gem encrusted ones. With the number of choices available, you are bound to find the perfect ring that would match any discriminating taste.