The Pandora Charm Bracelet: Personality Plus

The Pandora Charm bracelet is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is an adventure in life itself. This unique jewelry collection allows a woman to have complete control over her jewelry style. Each piece is going to be as different as the women who wear them. Each of Pandora’s charm bracelets will tell a story as different as the woman who created it. There will never be two which are alike. There will always be change. As the woman grows, so does her story.

Made of solid gold or sterling silver, the Pandora charm bracelet offers something no other jeweler has. This is the ability for the customer to build their lives on their wrist. Each bead represents something to someone. Whether it is the slipper to represent ballet class, the red Danish crystal to represent your birth month, or the pineapple to represent your Hawaiian vacation, there is something for everyone.

Design Your Own

The design of the bracelet is truly unique. The patented threading system allows the beads to be screwed into place in any order the wearer decides. This means each piece can act as a time line in a woman’s life. The beauty and elegance of the bracelets allow her to feel comfortable wearing it in a formal evening gown or with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It is surely going to be noticed no matter where you are or what you are wearing.

Since 2002, Pandora Jewelry has allowed women to express themselves by letting them build their own individual designs. There are so many beads and ways to display them, no two bracelets would ever be the same. Pieces can be added or removed at any time. With each piece being offered in solid gold or sterling silver, the quality shows through as does the symmetry of the design.

Price Ranges

The sterling silver bracelet starts at $27. You can spend as much as $840 for the 14 karat solid gold bracelet. The beads are as little as $20. There are certain ones which can go as high as $500. The other attachments range about $9. The beauty each one of these pieces offers is priceless. The fact that you can design and create your own unique bracelet is worth it. No one else will have the same bracelet you do. Four times a year there are new designs offered by the company.


There is a collection of matching jewelry which Pandora offers its clients. Each piece is as unique as the next. Pandora wants each woman to be able to create and tell her own individual story. With the jewelry collection they offer, this can be done with ease. Whether she wants to go casual or wild, elegant or eclectic, a woman can do so with the designs Pandora charm bracelets offer.

The company has claimed there are at least 2.5 billion different combinations you could choose from when creating your individual jewelry item. This is what makes the Pandora charm braceletthe ultimate personal gift for any woman.