The Worst Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding

The ultimate goal for any wedding planner is to help brides plan the wedding they want at the price they can afford. To that end, we can offer brides little secrets to trim certain wedding expenses without sacrificing on overall style. Some ideas are great (Sample sale wedding gown? Yes, please! Crystal bridal earrings? Absolutely!), while others are not so great. Spare yourself a world of trouble by learning about the worst ways to save money on your wedding.

Cheaping Out on Food and Drink. If you want your guests to leave your wedding hungry, thirsty, and cranky, skimp on the appetizers, don’t serve dinner even though your reception runs during a meal time, and have a cash bar. On the other hand, if you want everyone to have a great time and remember your reception as the party of the year, you need to have plenty of food and an open bar. I once saw an episode of the TLC show “Four Weddings” where the guest brides had to order takeout to be delivered to the reception venue because the wedding ran out of food. Imagine how humiliating it would be if you were the host of that inhospitable wedding!

Skipping Centerpieces. The centerpieces are the most important part of the wedding reception decor. When they are absent or pitifully small (a single candle in the middle of a huge table for ten), it just looks sad. The great news is that there are so many fabulous inexpensive DIY wedding centerpiece ideas out there that you can spend very little while still infusing your reception with style and color. Be sure to take a look at a centerpiece sample on the actual table size you will use for your reception, because the bouquets that look impressive on your dining room table might need to grow in size to be in proportion to the reception tables.

Not Providing Enough Seating. Weddings are long, and people need to sit down. If you are having a very quick ceremony in your living room, it would be fine to have only enough chairs for your grandparents. And if you are having a cocktail reception, you do not necessarily need enough seats for everyone to sit at the same time. However, inadequate seating really affects the comfort of your guests. People do not want to stand for a long ceremony, nor do they want to try to balance a plate, drink, and fork because there is nowhere to sit down to eat. Be sure to have sufficient seating for at least half of your guests to kick back at any given time.

Hiring an Amateur Photographer. Every wedding planner will tell you the same thing: never skimp on your wedding photography. Hiring an experienced wedding photographer will be worth every penny. Having your Uncle Bob take the pictures because he has a nice camera will result in nothing but terrible pictures and lasting disappointment. Your wedding photos are the most important memento you will have of your day, so they are worth investing in the best photographer you can possibly afford. No one is ever sorry that they splurged on a top notch wedding photographer.