Top 5 Reasons Why Pink Tourmalines Are Popular

Have you ever stopped to think why pink tourmalines are gaining a quick surge in popularity these days even though they are still considered as semi precious stones? Even though the gem stone pink tourmaline is not as popular as the mainstream jewelry items like diamonds and gold, it is still one of the most cherished one for both men and women. So it’s no wonder that you may come across with jewelry items with pink tourmaline gemstones in it – whether it a pink tourmaline earrings set, a pink tourmaline ring or a pink tourmaline pendant – there is wide selection to choose from.

So if you are still at loss on why pink tourmalines are becoming more and more popular and marketable these days, the following below are some of the reasons why –

1. Cheap. Let’s face it; every customer would always want to buy the cheapest alternatives to the highly expensive ones. And it is for this reason that people who are on their limited budgets would opt for pink tourmalines instead of the highly extravagant diamond gems or any gold plated jewelry piece. Pink tourmalines are affordable but they are still elegant and luxurious to wear.

2. Variety of Colors. You may not know this, but the tourmaline gem stone does not only come in pink. Tourmalines in general are named because of the wide variation of colors – after all, the word “tourmaline” comes from a combination of two Sinhalese words which means “stone of many colors. As for pink tourmaline, you can have a dual colored tourmaline with the pink color in it. A fine example for that is the rare watermelon tourmaline, which resembles a cross cut section of the actual watermelon – with colors green on the outer and pink on the inner section of the gemstone.

3. Rare and Unique. Pink tourmalines are one of the rarest types of gemstones with regards to their features. Aside from the fact that there is a wide variety of colors and shades available, the tourmaline exhibits features and properties of pleochroism – a rare characteristic that makes the gem stone unique when it is seen in different sides and angles. So for instance, a pink tourmaline earring may appear different when it is viewed from up above or from the right side.

4. Durable and hard. A pink tourmaline weighs 7.0 to 7.5 in the Moh’s scale of hardness, which means that it range more than average and sturdy enough to be easily scratched or scuffed by any ordinary stone.

5. Highly Accessible. Even though you may have heard of pink tourmalines only a few times, you may be surprise that it is widely available in any leading jewelry superstores. The same goes for online stores who has in store lots of designs and styles for pink tourmaline jewelry items.