Updated Wedding Jewelry Traditions

All of us have pre-conceived visions of wedding jewelry should be. While visions of sparkling rings tend to dance in their heads [no not sugar plums]. We see sparkle and glitz as the norm. While there is certainly nothing wrong with these visions a bride must also consider other pieces she could wear. These 2005 wedding jewelry trends, may give you some fresh ideas.
Matching wedding rings uk styles of eras gone buy are once again “new” and “in style”. The 1920s Cushion and Asscher-cut diamonds are once again the rage, gracing the hands of today’s brides. These square type cut diamonds were created to reflect candlelight and draw the eye into the stone. PavĂ©-set bands are a beautiful alternative to brilliant-cut gems, and are also extremely popular again.

If you’ve been watching the fashion runways, you’ll know that thick cuffs of silver and gold sprinkled with gemstones are currently making their debute. Tiny rhinestones or beads add an air of daintiness to chunky designs of semi-precious stones. The look for todays bride is antique jewelry. Brides are once again walking down the aisle with family heirlooms on their wrists.
Earirngs and Necklaces
The trend for the brides wedding jewelry is bold! Chandelier earrings are the hottest earring style in wedding jewelry. The dangling pieces of jewelry boast diamonds, pearls, or even glass beads, evoking a very glamorous, Art-Deco look. Dramatic necklaces are also hot. The bigger-is-better theme is very popular adding glamour to the brides look. Necklaces dripping with gemstones, crystals, or rhinestones are hot hot hot! Dramatic layered pendants with two, three, or more linked-stones are also very popular. And lets not forget the classic pearl chokers. Cultured pearls or quality faux pearls will certainly do the job.

The most important thing to remember is that it is your day! Wear jewelry that you like and are comfortable wearing. There is no right or wrong. You are your own women so make your fashion statement!