What Will It Be? Fire Water Air or Earth Jewelry? This seasons we get the best of the best in jewelry and accessories. Natures offering up some fabulous styles and designs. A little bit tribal, a whole lot trendy, and definately a statement in fashion! This season there is jewelry for all 4 elements – Earth,, Air, Fire, and Water:
EARTH – get in touch with the elemental earth with wood jewelry. Large wood bead necklaces are the ultimate fashion statement this season, along with wood bangles. You can even add a wood jeweled purse if thats your style. But simply put, this season you simply cannot have enough wood bangles and necklaces.
AIR – stay grounded with elemental air and the beauty of nature with the feathers of flight. Ostrich and Peacock feathers to be exact. Peacock feather earrings, peacock feather necklaces, and peacock hats are just a couple of the peacock accessories available this season. Ostrich feather boas are a must have available in a variety of vibrant colors from hot pink to lime green.
FIRE – Mother natures element fire is hot. Add a touch of gold jewerly for a sizzling hot statement! Gold bangles, gold earrings, gold bead necklaces – they are all certain to make a fashion statement. This season there are plenty of lucite and resin jewelry for the gold theme. Gold bangles rate a 10 out of 10 for fashion style. Stack them deep on your arm for a really bold statement!
WATER – Beat the heat with cool coral and shell jewelry. Stay connected to mother natures element water, and look very chic at the same time. Coral and shell jewelry is definately in style this season.

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