When is The Right Time for Childrens Bow Earrings

When is the right age to get your ears pierced? This has always been a cause of discussion among different women. Different culture dictates varying ages for this. Some can be as early as when the baby is born, some when the girl is old enough to take care of her earrings while some parents would not allow any piercing until they reach 13.

If you are concerned that your child might be too young to get them pierced then you can postpone it until you think she’s ready. But compared to the old procedure, piercing nowadays are quick and painless. And if they started out quite young, they would not probably even remember this.

Getting their ears pierced is also a big leap for your little girls. As a gift, you can give them cute children’s bow earrings rather than a set of studs orchildren’s hoop earrings. A bow is more feminine and young. You can have them in different materials such as in gold, sterling silver or even ones accented with diamonds.

Silver bow earrings made of silver can cost from 30 to 50 usd depending on the brands. Amazon has nice sterling silver bow stud earrings for only $35. You can also have gold bow earrings for your little girl when she gets a bit older and she can manage not to lose them. PAGODA and Michelle Lee Creations have beautiful pairs for less than $50.

There is also another version which is in white gold that actually looks like a lighter version of silver from afar. These are exquisitely beautiful and cost around $90 to $150. Katarina has a very nice collection for this. Usually they are made from 14K white gold. Diamond bow earrings would be more expensive of course depending on the diamond placed on the earrings.

If you want your child to wait a certain age before they get their ears pierced. You have to be firm and set an age where they would be allowed to be pierced. This saves you from endless begging and non-stop explaining.