Necklaces have always been one of the most popular items of jewellery. Even men wear rugged Italian silver chains around their necks. However, the discerning woman has always been very aware of the kinds of necklaces she wears, and how it complements the way she dresses.
What, for example, is the good of a yellow gold necklace if you are wearing white? The colours simply wash each other out. And what could be more uncouth than a necklace that is too thick for the wearer’s neck? As a result, it becomes very important to choose necklaces of an appropriate style. The metal used to create the necklace becomes very important, as does the thickness and weight of the chain.
Yellow gold, of course, is the perennial classic. Since the days of the Roman Empire, we have been fascinated with gold – the way light plays off it with a seductive gleam. Gold is such a strong statement that it is best used sparingly. The best gold necklaces are the slimmest, most understated ones – nothing says “elegance” like a thin gleaming strand of gold draped around a lady’s neck. And then, for people who are really concerned about understatement and elegance, there is white gold. White gold makes a totally different statement than a yellow gold necklace – much less overstated, and much more sophisticated, the trend these days seems to be away for any shade of yellow gold, be it rose, pink or tri-colored.
There are, of course, several different styles of white gold necklaces. The more popular choices tend to be curb, snake, rope, diamond cut and filigree. One interesting variation on a theme is the white gold cross necklace. Cross necklaces are very popular symbols of the Catholic faith, of course, but they are traditionally made of humbler metals, the most common occurrence being sterling silver.
Making a cross pendant out of white gold elevates the jewellery from a piece meant for everyday wear to a special statement about oneself, and looks absolutely stunning when worn with a black outfit. The cross necklace also makes the perfect men’s white gold necklace, because its minimalism perfectly accentuates and complements masculinity.
For a more womanly option, there is the white gold heart necklace. Every woman should own one, and every woman probably does. The white gold concept can also be taken to its ultimate form of expression, of course, with the white gold diamond necklace. Typically white gold is preferred with diamond necklaces as yellow gold discolors the diamonds sheen whereas white enhances the sheen and life of any piece of gold jewellery.
The clearness and crystal-clarity of a diamond is considered superior to deeper hues like emerald green or ruby red; and as such, diamonds must be matched to an appropriate metal. White gold and diamonds go together like hand in fitted leather glove; the combination is absolutely supreme, and will have heads turning in any ballroom.
No matter what style of necklace you are purchasing, however, it is important to make sure that the item is made of the proper material. If you are purchasing a white gold article, for example, make sure that the necklace is made of 14k white gold; anything higher than that will be too soft and malleable for the purposes of a necklace and will be susceptible to deforming through everyday use.
The 14k white gold necklace is the accepted standard for a reason. If you are getting a yellow gold necklace, it is usually best to ensure that the gold is no higher than 18k fineness, for the same reason – gold is a very soft metal, and needs to be tempered in an alloy for strengthening purposes.

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