Titanium? Isn’t that what professional bicycles are made of? So true, but why sneer at rings made from this popular metal that’s used for high quality sports equipment? Is it because there are people who would look down on you if they find out that your ring is made from an industrial metal? The fact of the matter is, despite what titanium is used for it’s a great metal that’s incredibly durable and worthy of consideration.
Time and time again it’s been said that jewelry is an investment. During lean times a jewelry item can be pawned to add more money in the wallet and a lot of people actually purchase them for this particular purpose. Titanium rings may not be of any value in pawnshops but this is also one reason why there are people who choose them over white gold or platinum…it’s not likely that they would interest robbers. Of course you pay a substantial amount of money for titanium ring but compared to white gold or platinum, the cost is greatly cheaper.
A titanium ring is for someone who has a more modern and practical outlook towards jewelry. It’s not just a cheaper substitute for a more ring that’s made of precious metal because titanium has characteristics that white gold or platinum do not have. First of all, it has tensile strength which is five times greater than gold, meaning it can stand better against physical abuse that frequent wear would bring. It’s also the lightest metal used for rings which makes it ideal for people who are not really used to wearing jewelry. And lastly, titanium is perfect for sensitive-skinned people because it’s hypoallergenic.
However, because of the hardness of titanium, it cannot be resized. Titanium is not malleable, it does not yield to the usual techniques of thinning metals and if your titanium ring gets stuck, you may as well bid it goodbye already. The only way to get it off is to break it into small pieces with vise-grip pliers.