I have been collecting jewelry since I was a child but it was only through some hard learned lessons that I realized how important it was to take care of my collection. Through my teen age and early adult years, I did not give much thought to care of my jewelry despite the fact that I had many beautiful and expensive pieces that my family had purchased for me and that I inherited from my grandmother. In fact, I would usually just throw my jewelry into a nightstand drawer, on top of my dresser or leave it on my bathroom counter. I had no real method or madness to the way I stored or cared for my jewelry.

Most of my necklaces could be found lying in a tangled mass along with my earrings, rings and other items in my small nightstand drawer. I had some small cardboard boxes in the drawer but most of the time I did not even take the time to store my jewelry in those boxes. Finding a pair of earrings was a nightmare requiring many minutes of hunting and pecking through the drawer, looking in the various places that I would place my jewelry while trying to find a matching earring to the one that I already found.

Since I was a collector of herring bone necklaces, specifically silver necklaces, my lack of care really took a toll on my collection. One of two things often happened to my herring bone necklaces. They would either tarnish or end up getting kinked due to my lack of care. If you have ever owned a herring bone necklace, then you are aware of how easy it is to kink and ruin them due to their fragility.

After many years of breaking and ruining my jewelry, I finally got smart and purchased a proper jewelry box to store and organize my jewelry and I have not looked back since. Jewelry can be fragile and is definitely expensive and it deserves proper care if you want it to last. Jewelry boxes are thus a vital part of your jewelry collection.

What I learned about jewelry storage had paid off in spades and saved me a lot of money on jewelry repairs and replacement. My wooden jewelry boxprovides a safe place to store my jewelry so that it is protected from dust, dirt, humidity and light. Since I collect a lot of silver jewelry, it is necessary to store it out of direct sunlight and away from humidity so that the tarnishing process is not hastened.

My jewelry box contains a special anti-tarnish lining that contains small specks of silver that absorbs the naturally occurring sulfur that is emitted from the silver so that my jewelry does not tarnish.

Additionally, I place small silica gel packets that I have collected from pill and vitamin bottles into my jewelry box to absorb any moisture that may be present to further protect my silver jewelry.

So if you have a jewelry collection that you care about, make sure that you are protecting it properly with a jewelry box. Jewelry boxes are not expensive items and will ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run through the proper care and storage of your jewelry collection. Additionally, jewelry boxes, even cheap ones, can be beautiful additions to your d├ęcor while serving a vital purpose at the same time.

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