Women’s Jewelry

Ladies wristwatches were once silver and gold pieces of very ornate jewellery. Modern times have them being very fashionable beautiful pieces, made for any occasion. Vintage ladies wristwatches are still fun to wear for certain looks but many women are looking for more precise timepieces such as the TAG, Rolex, Guess, Times, or Swatch looks of today. A modern twist is turning little Apple Nano’s into a watch for telling time, making it useful for more than just music.

The advantage to wearing a CZ earring is you can afford to have a huge chunk of rock hang from your ear if you want a lot of bling. With CZs being considered a trash rock because it is cheap and man-made, the affordability of it is very cheap. However, CZs are not trashy, but instead a great way to wear beautifully made pieces of jewellery that are substantial, large, and fun to wear. So have fun, wearing your CZ stud earring because one thing that is for sure is that people will notice it and see it. Who really wants to wear stud earrings that are so tiny, they cannot be seen on your ear.