Silver charms are one of the most unique forms of jewelry. They eschew the standard jewelry format, and instead serve as a sort of jewelry canvas upon which the owner can customize the bracelet to reflect their own personality. Charm bracelets, which originated in Europe, have a rich and varied history – countless people across different nations have owned them over the centuries, and each one is unique, because the owner chooses what charms to place on it.
In some parts of Italy, it is still a tradition for parents to gift their daughters charm bracelets during the coming-of-age phase, as a symbol of the road of life that stretches out before the girl. These keepsakes also make some of the most interesting heirlooms, as they are a direct reflection of the taste, personality and life experience of the person that owned them.
What Are They Made Of?
A sterling silver charm is of course made from sterling or 925 silver and is often similar in appearance to brushed steel, this is what most people think of when purchasing the classic Italian style.
Although it is a common misconception to think of sterling silver as an inferior form of silver, the fact is that sterling silver is not inferior at all – it is also known as 925 silver, meaning that it is an alloy comprised of 92.5% pure silver, with the other 7.5% being composed of a different metal such as copper.
The reason for this is that pure silver is not suited to jewelry-making, for the same reason pure gold is not used in jewelry – it is too soft, and prone to getting bent or misshapen through wear. As a result, jewelers created the 925 sterling silver standard, the best and most suitable kind of silver from which to make jewelry.
And then, of course, there is the silver charm bracelet itself. Sterling silver charms are symbols, and can be representative of anything – love, age, history, or just areas of personal interest.
They are typically collected throughout a lifetime, and represent a person’s journey through life, and the various episodes they have been through. Individual charms are what make every single charm bracelet unique – the attractiveness of the bracelet concept lies not in the bracelet itself, but in the personalized charms that the owner chooses to collect and wear
History Of Charms
Rich and varied history the sterling silver charm bracelet is said to of originated in old-world Italy, for example, it was once common to wear symbols of your tarot sign – these symbols were meant to accentuate your aura and provide you with good fortune. Many people are bringing back this wonderful Italian tradition.
There are also certain timeless classic charms that will always represent something in particular, such as the classic silver heart charm, which represents the eternal concept of undying love, a symbol shared across cultures and continents.
People are also finding new ways to customize their bracelets that would not have been possible before – nowadays, for example, many jet-setting world travelers make it a point to purchase a momento in every city or country they’ve been to, in order to create a beautiful and lasting way to remember the visit. The result is usually a bracelet with varied charms that reflect many different cultures across the globe – a lovely and truly personalized piece of jewelry.
Ideas like these are what differentiate charm bracelets from standard silver jewellery found in stores today. In a world where jewelry is increasingly made through mechanized factory processes and not the hand-crafted methods of old, charm bracelets represent a way to make jewelry personal and interesting again. It is no wonder, then, that they are becoming popular once again. Truly good ideas never go away.

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